> Taste of Seminole May 2, 2009


B Squared Automotive was invited to have a booth at The Taste of Seminole on May 2, 2009. Of course we accepted. Scott Meehan of Meehan Special Events invited us and many more companies and restaurants from the Seminole area. We were just one of many that had a booth.

This was the first Taste of Seminole for B Squared Automotive, and it was so much fun! It was on May 2 from 1 pm to 9 pm with Espree deKor doing the amazing music throughout the day. It was free to attend and it was just a blast. It was located at 7770 Seminole Blvd right next to Treasure Island Fun Center. Here are just some photos of our day there! It was hot and sunny the kind of weather that accompanied this great day!

These were the some of the companies and restaurants that had booths

1. Angry Pepper
2. CiCi's Pizza
3. Jet's Pizza
4. Dakota's Bar & Grill
5. Conch Republic
6. The Savvy Sister
7. Fuji Yama
8. Curriez Indian Cuisine
9. Bubbie's Brown Bag Cafe
10. Geo Pappas Restaurant
11. E's Legendary Boulettes
12. The Pie Factory at Toucan's Coffee House Cafe
13. Isla Bonita
14. Sno-Kones
15. Thurstons Italian Ice
16. Ryans Meat Market
17. Cornerstone
18. Treasure Island Fun Center
20. Basket Junkies
21.Thaipan Alley
22.Seafood Shack
23.Standing Room Only
25.The Art of Touch